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We worked with Facebook to raise awareness for Small Steps, a UK based NGO, made-up entirely of former far-right members. They work against the far-right by providing education and a lifeline for people trying to get out. 

We launched with an online video starring Nigel, the founder of Small Steps. The video was a highly targeted search play, placed in front of people that were searching for a way out of the far right. Or who were searching for hate videos. 


The film begins with visuals more likely to be seen in a far-right film. We wanted viewers drawn into Nigel's story before realizing that it was a video speaking against the far right. 



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We turned the Small Steps IG account into a very user friendly info portal, with website style UX. We knew younger people were getting a lot of their info on social so wanted to make sure the help and education was right where they'd find it. 



Everyone is familiar with the swastika, but no one knows all the other symbols far-right members use to communicate with each other, so we created an encyclopedia on Instagram and transformed these symbols of hate into symbols of hope. Here's a few:

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