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If you want to convince Gen Z to put down their phones and pick up a camera, you better give them a good reason. We gave them six - a magician, a dancer, a designer an artist and two photographers. These six creators came together as the Canon Co-Lab and starred in a reality series centered around unexpected collaborations. The Complex series and resulting content was highly targeted, mobile optimized and repositioned Canon cameras as tools to elevate content creation.  


In the six episode series, created with, the Co-Lab worked together to redefine their respective genres. They created a camera bag and made it fashion, a portrait series and made it magic, a dance video and made it New York, and turned 2D art into an immersive photo experience. They shot it all on Canon Cameras, creating targeted social content that couldn’t be captured on phones alone.  

ComplexCon photo 1.png
ComplexCon photo 2.png
ComplexCon photo 2.png


The Co-Lab filmed their final episode at ComplexCon, making the Canon booth one of the most visited of the weekend. They dropped the camera bag they designed and it was gone in minutes. Ravie B’s portrait studio and Aleali May & Sue Tsai’s art experience had wraparound lines and Jibrizy entertained the crowd with magic all day. Dexter Findley & Sean Lew turned it all into BTS social content that we pushed out live.

Camera Bag.png


The Co-Lab designed a camera bag that we helped them create, promote and drop at ComplexCon 2019. When the alert went out about the bag drop people sprinted to the Canon Booth and the bags were gone in minutes. 


The Co-Create campaign worked with the Co-Lab content to reposition Canon cameras as content creation tools. We launched with a social film & content series, each vignette targeting a different creator audience. The integrated campaign helped a 90-year-old camera company reach a generation of smart phone photographers.

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