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In 2018 we took over Applebee’s social channels and revamped their online presence. We kicked things off with All You Can Tweet – a Twitter contest to promote Applebee’s epic All You Can Eat Riblets & Tenders promo.  The contest had thousands of entries, 1M media impressions and a 99% positive sentiment.  The social reboot got Millenials talking about Applebee's again, and once they started...they couldn't stop. 


To promote Applebee's $1 Drink of the Month, we created a series of interactive programs that fostered a sense of community and translated into in-store visits.  We kicked things off with the 8-hour  Dollar Zombie livestream. This FB Live event let fans engage with  a zombie serving up trivia and clues for eight hours straight. Even we were surprised with the record breaking engagement and 99% positive sentiment. We followed it up with the Dollar Jolly livestream, which allowed fans to power Jollytown with positivity.  


To promote Applebee’s Loaded Grill Combos we transformed hours of grilling meat into a new cultural trend - Meatitation. We launched hour long ASMR relaxation videos starring sizzling, grilling meat. The high sensorial soundtracks of each film calmed and refocused the mind, showing people that it didn’t need to be stressful to have a lot on your plate. We also created a hotline (Press 1 for steak, 2 for Chicken) and a pop-up Meatitation Center that let people meditate to the sounds of sizzling meat, IRL.

Meatitation Hotline.png
Meatful Meditation Room.png


Through social listening, we realized that Applebee’s is a bit of a date night hot spot. And by a bit, we mean a lot. Three decades of engagements, marriages and babies have come out of this place. So when Applebee’s brought back their 2 for $20 promo, THE original date night draw, what else could we do? Classic VHS style dating tapes to help people still looking for their special someone to share the promo with.

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