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The Clogging (2023)

This horror short explores what could go wrong at a cabin in the woods...when you forget the anti-clogging toilet paper.

Why? We spent several months putting out a large volume of social content for Scott Toilet Paper to see what resonated with people. We quickly realized that a fear of toilet clogs was deep seated and universal across all audiences. People loved Scott's anti-clogging technology and once we started the clogging conversations on social, consumers opened up. They couldn't stop talking about their most terrifying clogs. The most bone chilling clogging stories all seemed to center around clogging someone else's toilet in a high stakes situation. So we went all in on this though and turned this idea into a short form horror film.

Along with this long form film on YouTube and Scott social handles, we created a series of :15's (OTT & paid & organic social) and a comprehensive "Don't Fear the Flush" social campaign. 

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