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We worked with Y&R New Zealand and BK to bring the McWhopper Proposal to life. We spent 6 months creating the media strategy, launch plan and social creative that would evolve in real time.  

McWhopper Table Shot.JPG

We hosted Y&R, ABPR and Burger King's CMO at Code & Theory on launch day. During the 12-hour war room, we had contingency plans for everything we thought could happen and figured out the rest as we went.


4. McWhopper Pack & Soda.jpg
7. McWhopper Design.JPG
3. McWhopper K&A.jpg

We navigated the day as a team, creating and pushing out responses and social content live as the project evolved.     


6. McWhopper Packaging.JPG
BK Social 2.png
BK Social Paper.png
BK Social 3.png

While McDonald's gave the McWhopper a hard no, five other brands came forward to help create the Peace Day Burger. It was sold on the International Day of Peace to raise funds and awareness for the day.    



Grand Prix Cannes Lion 

Gold Cannes Lion

One Show, Gold

D&AD Yellow Pencil


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